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We believe sports make kids better.

Athletes learn teamwork, resilience, and grit when they play sports. By learning to work together and push themselves, they reach higher levels of success in work and life.

Learn teamwork

Increase resilience

Get into college

The problem:
Sports are too expensive

Students can’t afford to play

Forced to drop out due to cost

Families don’t have resources

Facility costs drive player fees up

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier

We believe the cost of sports shouldn’t be a barrier to families who want to help their kids succeed. We’re on a mission to make sports more accessible to more of our youth.

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Make sports affordable

With help from people like you, our youth sports foundation gets kids into sports programs by offering scholarships and subsidizing the costs of facilities and infrastructure, which keeps player fees low.

youth sports donations result

Change students’ lives

When kids play sports, their lives are better.

Get into
Experience real accomplishment
Get better

Your donation’s impact

“Playing baseball for 15 years set the foundation for a great education and a great career. I learned to bounce back from failures and get back into the grind. This gave me the mental toughness to enroll in and graduate from the US Air Force Academy.

Baseball put me at an amazing institution where I earned a top-level degree. It taught me grit and taught me the skills I needed to become a member of the US Air Force Parachute demonstration team.

Because of baseball, I know I have the character and skills I need to succeed at any challenge I choose to take on.”

Hunter Parnell, 1st Lieutenant, US Air Force Baseball

“With two older brothers, I always wanted to play sports and compete to be just like them. It created a sense of competitiveness in me. Playing sports led me to meet some of my best and closest friends who push me to be the best version of myself. I also learned and grew as a competitor and leader in other aspects of life, like work and academics. On top of that, playing sports gave me the motivation to pursue my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling for Athletes.”

Josie Russel, UCCS Volleyball

“Playing sports helped shape me into the person I am today. I made lifelong friends through sports. Sports had such an impact on my life that I found a way to give back and help others who are in the situations I used to be in. Helping younger girls reach their goals is so much fun.”

Jordyn Kinsey, UCCS Volleyball

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